Miami-Dade Courts and Correctional Facilities Master Plan, FL

In 2008, P/BA completed a corrections master plan for Miami-Dade County Corrections. In 2017 we were selected to update the original plan in conjunction with the County’s development of a new criminal courts master plan. The updated plan addresses complying with a recent DOJ Settlement Agreement, housing and treating an increasing number of inmates with serious mental illness, and remedying an aging infrastructure. A key goal of the master plan is developing capital and operating scenarios to allow for the pre-trial detention population to be housed in new facilities adjacent to the criminal courts, thus eliminating the need to rely on extensive bussing of inmates to court. In addition appropriate new housing solutions for inmates with chronic medical conditions and/or acute and sub-acute mental illness will be provided. Expanded health care services will also reduce the need to transport inmates to local hospital and clinics saving significant transportation costs.

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