New York City Raise The Age Facility Planning

P/BA has been assisting the City of New York in developing the operational and spatial requirements to renovate and expand the City’s two existing juvenile facilities- Horizon in the Bronx and Crossroads in Brooklyn- to meet both the needs of the juvenile operating agency (ACS), as well as to prepare the facilities to accept 16 and 17 year old adolescents, who are now housed on Rikers Island. This initiative is a result of a recent change in state law to “Raise the Age” of adult responsibility from 16 to 18. We were tasked with developing the program for both an interim phase to commence in October 2018 as well as a long term plan that will require an extensive remodeling and expansion of the two facilities and creation of a new Intake and Assessment Center after 2020. We are collaborating with Urbahn Architects on this work.

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