Recent news


L. A. County Consolidated Correctional Treatment Facility, CA

Faced with a rapidly growing cohort of inmates with serious mental illness and significant medical concerns, Los Angeles County hired P/BA and Health Management Associates to prepare an analysis of the proposed treatment and operational plans for a new treatment-centric facility to replace the current Men’s Central Jail. Based on our team’s analysis of facility needs and initiatives to divert from custody those persons who could safely and appropriately receive services in the community, the County Board of Supervisors voted to proceed with a new 3885-bed treatment facility. Working with the County CEO’s office, Department of Health Services, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and Department of Public Works, we assisted in the development of scoping documents that will become the basis for the design of the new $2.3 billion facility.

Westchester County, NY and U.S. Department of Justice Settlement Agreement Monitoring

David Bogard continues to serve as the Jail Monitor for a Settlement Agreement entered into by Westchester County and the United States Department of Justice. The Agreement addresses a number of operational issues in the facilities operated by the Westchester County Department of Correction including: use of force, treatment of minors, inmate discipline, internal oversight, employee discipline, grievance systems, classification, and medical and mental health care. David is supported in this effort by P/BA operational and health care staff.

Dane County Jail Planning, Madison, WI

P/BA has been retained with Meade+Hunt and Potter Lawson, Architects to prepare the next stage of master planning and operations analysis for the County’s two outdated jails. Our most recent work included working with the Sheriff’s Office and architects/engineers to prepare alternative phased plans to reconfigure and enhance the jail facilities. We presented our final recommendations to the County Executive, the County’s criminal justice oversight committee and the full County Board in June to guide their decision-making regarding which of several development options will be pursued.

St. Thomas, VI

David Bogard continues to serve as the Joint Security Expert in a Federal Court action, Carty v. Mapp/Territory of the Virgin Islands. Pursuant to a Settlement Agreement, he is charged with conducting bi-annual compliance evaluations of operations in the Territory’s two jails, located on St. Thomas, VI. Areas of oversight and monitoring include: use of force, safety, contraband reduction, grievance procedures, inmate discipline, investigations, training and several other categories related to security and safety.

Camden County, NJ

We continue to assist Camden County in our role as healthcare contract monitors for the Camden County Correctional Facility.

Harris County/City of Houston Consolidated Processing Center, Houston, TX

After many attempts to secure funding for a consolidated, joint processing center to serve the City of Houston and Harris County, a referendum was passed in 2013 and the project was authorized to proceed. After developing the program and operational scheme for the new center, and working with the project architects- PGAL- as advisors for the design of the facility, P/BA is now advising on FF&E selection and procurement and final planning for opening of the facility. This Center will operate using open booking and direct supervision principles, and will accommodate upwards of 125,000 admissions annually. Plans for re-entry services and diversion to community mental health programs are key components of the facility’s operations. Elimination of the duplication inherent in both the City and County operating jail facilities will generate the savings necessary to retire the bonds. Construction began in August 2015 and the projected opening date is 2018.


Harris County Juvenile Detention Center, Houston, TX

P/BA is working in the role of operations specialists, facility programmers and design consultants to the project architects- PGAL- for a new juvenile facility to be operated by the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department. The new facility will house 208 pre-adjudicated and 112 post-adjudicated juveniles. A key focus of the facility will be to provide specialized mental health services for all juveniles in detention. The $75 million facility is scheduled to be under construction by the end of 2018.

New York City Juvenile and Adolescent Detention Consolidated Facility Master Plan

P/BA has been assisting the City of New York in developing a master plan for consolidating the juvenile detention population (ages 15 and under), now housed in two facilities, into a single facility at the site of the current center in Brooklyn (Crossroads). On an overlapping track, we were tasked with developing the program for a new 256 bed facility at the site of the current Bronx juvenile facility (Horizons) to accommodate the relocation of 16 and 17-year old adolescents off Rikers Island as required by a DOJ Settlement Agreement.

Near the end of our work effort, the NY Governor signed into law a “Raise the Age” initiative that is changing the age of adult responsibility from 16 to 18, thereby transferring responsibility for the adolescent population from the Department of Correction to the Administration for Children’s Services. While planning for the new Crossroads facility is proceeding we are also assisting in the development of interim improvements at the current Horizon facility to temporarily house all juveniles through the age of 16 until the Crossroads facility is completed.

Parallel with the interim work at the Horizon facility we have been assisting with plans for an interim facility to house the newly defined 16 and 17-year old juvenile population who must be removed from Rikers Island by October 2018 per the new state statute. We are collaborating with Goldman Copeland Engineers and Urbahn Architects on this work.

Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

We continue our involvement with the Office of the Federal Court Monitor overseeing a Settlement Agreement and Consent Order governing conditions in Puerto Rico’s five juvenile correctional facilities. David Bogard is serving as Chief Deputy Monitor, playing a pivotal role in the management of the overall monitoring activities that address a range of issues including: operations, abuse reporting/investigations, staffing, classification, mental health care, education, staffing, fire safety and physical plant. Within the overall structure of the Monitor’s Office, P/BA’s principals are specifically charged with monitoring and providing technical assistance for provisions including room confinement, use of force, maintenance, fire safety and capital planning.