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Orleans Parish Jail, LA

P/BA is beginning a new phase of its long-standing services on the Orleans Parish Jail. Working with GHA, we are providing operational and architectural programming services and design review in support of GHA’s design work for a new medical and mental facility to be attached to the recently opened new jail.

Cuyahoga County Jail Master Plan and Diversion Analysis, Cleveland, OH

P/BA was selected as part of a multi-disciplinary team led by DLR Architects and is leading the development of the jail master planning effort which is a component of a comprehensive justice system master plan addressing the long range needs for the Courts, Sherriff’s Office and detention. The existing jail is severely overcrowded and under a court order to improve conditions of confinement. A key goal of the study is to examine new diversionary opportunities for offenders, especially for persons with serious mental illness and co-occurring disorders who are presently booked into the jail following an arrest. The master plan scope includes developing an operational and architectural program as well as projected staffing and operating costs for the future jail system.
In addition, the Cuyahoga County Diversion Committee and Master Plan Team requested that P/BA develop an interim operational and treatment program for a new diversion facility to serve as a mechanism to divert individuals who have serious mental illnesses from entering the Jail system.

Williamson County Justice System Master Planning, TN

P/BA is serving as master planners and programmers for the county’s Juvenile Services System, adult detention facilities, Sheriff’s Office and Court System as part of a comprehensive Criminal Justice System master plan for Williamson County, TN, a rapidly growing suburb of Nashville. Working with a team led by Gresham Smith Architects, P/BA will first develop population profiles and forecasts, followed by inventory and analysis of existing facilities and then planning and programming tasks in collaboration with the architects and court planners.

Collin County Master Plan and Jail Expansion, McKinney TX

P/BA was selected to provide master planning services for the Collin County Adult Detention Center in McKinney, TX, This direct supervision jail has proven to be a model facility for more than two decades, but has now begun to encounter population stressors that are compromising the ability of the facility to meet the County’s needs. Working with BSW Architects, we are providing population profile analysis, and inmate population forecast scenarios incorporating diversion and system improvements and beds needs based on classification and treatment needs as a baseline for master planning. Our services include a functional evaluation of the existing facility, identification of short-falls vis-à-vis current and projected needs and developing operating principles, detailed space programming and staffing and operating cost analyses.

Westchester County, NY Settlement Agreement Monitoring

David Bogard, supported by P/BA operational and health care staff, continues to serve as the Jail Monitor for a CRIPA based Settlement Agreement entered into by Westchester County and the United States Department of Justice. The Agreement addresses a wide range of operational issues in the facilities operated by the Westchester County Department of Correction including: use of force, training, treatment of minors, inmate discipline, internal oversight, employee discipline, grievance systems, classification, and medical and mental health care.

St. Thomas, USVI Settlement Agreement Monitoring

David Bogard continues to serve as the Joint Security Expert in a Federal Court action, Carty v. Mapp/Territory of the Virgin Islands. Pursuant to a Settlement Agreement between the Territory and ACLU, he is charged with conducting compliance evaluations of operations in the Territory’s jails, located in St. Thomas, VI. Areas of monitoring include use of force, safety, contraband reduction, grievance procedures, inmate discipline, investigations and training.

Camden County, NJ

We continue to assist Camden County in our role as healthcare contract monitors for the Camden County Detention Facility.


Camden County Juvenile Detention Center Healthcare Monitoring, NJ

We continue serve as healthcare contract monitors for the Camden County Juvenile Detention Facility.

Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Juvenile Facilities Compliance Monitoring

We continue our involvement with the Office of the Federal Court Monitor overseeing a Settlement Agreement and Consent Order governing conditions in Puerto Rico’s juvenile correctional facilities. Within the overall structure and charge of the Monitor’s Office, P/BA’s principals are specifically charged with monitoring and providing technical assistance for provisions including isolation, use of force, maintenance, and code compliance.