Systems Planning


P/BA takes a total systems approach to assessing needs, with recommendations that may include system and case processing efficiencies, detention alternatives, sentencing/adjudication alternatives and expanding facility capacity.

Below is a list of just some of the needs assessment/systems planning services provided by P/BA.

  • Case Flow/System Analysis

    Analyze offender flow through the criminal justice system and determine its impact on the law enforcement, judicial and corrections continuum. Analyze opportunities to increase system efficiencies and cost reductions.

  • Alternatives to Incarceration

    Determine existing resources, and examine cost-effective options for appropriate alternative sanctions, drawing upon our national database of functioning, effective programs.

  • Strategic Policy Planning

    Evaluate existing policies, practices, legislation and statutes in light of proposed systemic changes, and develop comprehensive strategies and costs for implementing change.

  • Population Forecasting

    Develop target population profiles, including demographic and risk/needs assessment criteria. Develop target population forecasts presented in short and long range annual intervals.