Operations Analysis

Operations Analysis

Most P/BA staff possess decades of corrections/detention operations experience. We bring this experience to our clients to assist in a variety of operations planning and analysis applications. We work with our clients to identify innovative approaches to make facilities and systems safer, more efficient and effective, and reflective of their stated missions. Best practices and evidence-based operations are critical considerations as are compliance with national standards. Operations Analysis services include:

  • Monitoring Services

    Provide facility operations monitoring for courts pursuant to court orders or settlement agreements; contract monitoring where agencies contract with private firms for individual services such as medical and mental health care, or for overall privatized operations.

  • Staffing Planning

    Perform shift relief factor / net annual work hour analyses; review existing or proposed facility capital plants for impact on staffing; analyze policies, collective bargaining agreements, post orders and statutes as they impact on staffing; interview staff and observe operations; perform job task analyses; identify necessary positions and salary/benefits implications.

  • Security and Operations Audits

    Review and critique facility operations (physical plant and security) for the purpose of enhancing current operations or documenting systemic or design shortfalls that necessitate new operational or capital resources.

  • Policy and Procedure Development

    Facilitate operating scenarios and procedure development; draft policies, procedures and post orders; review and critique agency-generated policies and procedures for compliance with national standards and sound operating practices.

  • Facility Capacity Analysis

    Review physical plants, classification factors, staffing and other factors that determine operational and emergency capacity of facilities; apply national and state standards as factors driving capacity of facilities; review availability of programs and services and associated space for impact on capacity.

  • Accreditation Assessments

    Assess the steps a facility needs to take to pursue accreditation through the American Correctional Association or National Commission on Correctional Health Care and provide targeted assistance towards achieving and maintaining that accreditation.