A licensed architect and criminal justice planner with over 30 years of professional consulting experience at the municipal, county and state levels, Mr. Pulitzer is one of the nation’s leading experts in justice facility design, operations and systems planning. He has assisted public officials and agencies in more than 40 states, providing in-depth counsel and analysis and has furnished hands- on management support during the planning, construction, and activation of numerous criminal and juvenile justice facilities. Mr. Pulitzer is often called upon to provide technical assistance and/or training for the National Institute of Corrections as well as for national professional organizations such as the American Jail Association. Mr. Pulitzer typically assists clients with master planning, architectural programming, conceptual design development, life safety issues, incarceration alternatives, capital projects development, and owner representation. His vast experience with juvenile justice facilities also allows him to provide facility and operational planning services in that area. He holds a master’s degree in urban design and planning from the City University of New York.


For over 30 years, Mr. Bogard’s career has focused on the management and planning of correctional facilities. The current focus of his work is on jail and juvenile justice settlement agreement compliance monitoring, where he serves as monitor or deputy monitor on three institutional reform cases. As a consultant, he has assisted adult and juvenile corrections clients in more than 30 states, providing services in the areas of operations planning, staffing analysis, design review, transition/activation, privatization compliance monitoring, and legal issues. Mr. Bogard’s 12 years of public sector corrections management experience included equal time spent as Director of Corrections for Arlington County (VA) and as Special Assistant to the Superintendent of the Philadelphia (PA) Prisons system. In Arlington, he managed the County’s severely crowded facility, at the same time directing the planning, design, construction and activation of a new 521-bed, high-rise direct supervision jail. In Philadelphia, he served as project manager and transition coordinator for two new facilities. With proven experience as a labor relations attorney, adjunct professor of law, facility administrator, and consultant, Mr. Bogard is frequently called upon to serve as an expert witness in cases involving conditions of confinement and facility operations. Mr. Bogard was elected to two, four-year terms as a Commissioner on the Commission on Accreditation for Corrections of the American Correctional Association, the honor reflecting his strong background in the areas of correctional standards, and his commitment to excellence in the field. During his tenure on the Commission, he also served a two-year term on the prestigious ACA Standards Committee. He holds a J.D. from the Temple University School of Law and a master’s degree in public administration from New York University.