Transition /Activation

P/BA is one of the few consulting firms that can effectively take a new facility from its conception all the way through to its transition and activation. Our members have been involved in the transition, activation and operation of several new facilities as consultants, facility administrators, and transition coordinators.

A well planned, comprehensive transition/activation process is critical to the success of any facility development initiative, and our knowledge of facility operations allows us to offer public sector clients technical assistance and expert support in this highly specialized area. P/BA staff has extensive experience in the area of policy and procedure development, having written and critiqued thousands of policies and procedures for adult and juvenile facilities.

The following provides a list of some of the transition/activation planning services provided by P/BA.

  • Master Schedules for Activation of New Facilities

    Identify project management timelines and comprehensive task lists; monitor transition schedule progress.

  • Policy and Procedure Development

    Facilitate operating scenarios and procedure development; draft policies, procedures and post orders; review and critique agency-generated policies and procedures for compliance with national standards and sound operating practices.

  • Training

    Train line, management, and administrative staff in a variety of criminal justice operating principles that include direct supervision, unit management, therapeutic milieu, as well as in specialized facility design issues such as security technology.

  • Transition Team Technical Assistance

    Provide technical assistance and expertise in the planning of new facility operations, train personnel and other building users, assist with human resource development, and guide the move-in and activation process.

  • Staff Selection, Recruitment, and Evaluation

    Develop recruitment strategies, job task analyses and applicant interviewing strategies for criminal justice agencies.

  • Quality Assurance System Development

    Identify and apply key performance indicators to evaluate program success.

  • Post Occupancy Evaluation

    Offer comprehensive evaluation of facility design, operations, and activation designed to allow the agency to learn from past experiences and apply such lessons to enhance current operations and future efforts.