Facility Planning


P/BA is one of the nation’s leading experts in the planning of correctional, detention, forensic, special needs, juvenile courts and law enforcement facilities. Our front-end facility planning employs a needs-based approach to define the user’s requirements. Because we are not an architectural firm, the inherent conflicts created by fees based on project cost are not a consideration for our clients. Consequently, P/BA retains an unbiased approach toward developing a plan for new or rehabilitated facilities that best suits the needs of the client.

  • Facility Analysis

    Analyze conditions at an existing facility, including safety, security, space utilization, compliance with applicable standards and case law, program objectives, operational efficiencies, living/working conditions, rehabilitation potential, and benchmarking to national best practices.

  • Operational Programming

    Develop operating principles/approaches for new or rehabilitated facilities, including the development of an operating management scheme, formulation of mission statements, identification of specific programs and daily schedules, work projections, education and treatment slots for institutional populations, and the determination of movement and security policies.

  • Architectural Programming

    Develop detailed physical design requirements for various functions within a facility, including room by room spatial needs and functional and adjacency diagrams, special equipment, furnishings, security and user prerequisites. Develop space standards and square footage allowances for all areas of the facility, utilizing applicable standards and national norms.

  • Master Planning

    Design comprehensive planning and phasing approaches for development of one or several facilities within a jurisdiction including phased construction, operating and capital cost projections, funding strategies, and interim security and programmatic strategies. Also analyze alternatives to construction including systemic approaches to criminal justice needs.

  • Design Guidance

    Review proposed design solutions to ensure that the recommended design solution is state-of-the-art, complies with operational and architectural programming criteria, is cost-effective to build, operate and maintain, and meets all appropriate standards and requirements, including the latest security and technology applications.

  • Staffing Analysis/ Operating Cost Projections

    Identify and define personnel requirements for existing or new facilities including benchmarking to other jurisdictions, computation and application of shift relief factors, and provision of job descriptions. Project annualized operating costs based on staffing parameters and all non-personnel-operating costs.

  • Owner Representation

    Provide technical and professional assistance to owners in launching major projects, serving as an “honest broker” in representing the interests of the client in the various phases of a project. Provide assistance in developing formal RFPs for architects and construction management, evaluate responses, and assist in the development of a master project schedule, including monitoring progress, negotiating contracts, and management of other project professionals and consultants.

  • Value Engineering

    Offer specialized technical assistance to government agencies, construction management and value engineering consultants. Identify capital and operating cost savings opportunities through design modifications.

  • Project Management

    Manage a project to its conclusion, including design monitoring and guidance, construction oversight, budget oversight, policies and procedures development, and transition and activation of new facilities.